BellaGraphic's By Sondra Jay

Website Design

The World Wide Web is no longer a foreign concept.  It's an integral part of society that's as commonplace as a phone call, or sending off an email. BellaGraphic’s professional staff will help create a web design that's user friendly, eye catching, and easy to navigate. Transit Branding offers full design, hosting, and maintenance services.

 BellaGraphic’s by SondraJay designs Transit Websites that are user friendly and easily to navigate.

Below are some best practices:


  • Home Pages: Clean visual appearance, easy to scan the page and find needed links.
  • Global Navigation: Access to the most-used information (ie: Schedules, Fares, etc.).
  • Route Schedule: availability directly from the home page.
  • Service Alerts: changes to service quickly made known on the home page.
  • ADA Accessible formats: Providing alternative formats for individuals with disabilities.
  • Customer Feedback: for questions and answers.
  • Website Hosting and Maintenance: Let BellaGraphic’s transit professionals Host and Maintain your website to assure accurate and up to date information.

Bring Information Technology to your Website:

  • Web Surveys: Custom surveys to provide industry insight.
  • Polls: A more streamlines process of discovery through check boxes of multiple choice options.
  • Mapping Technology: Google Map technologies for visual route maps with zoom and pan functionality.
  • Trip planners: an ideal solution for helping web site users plan their trips.
  • Pop-up Notes: Appear for a specificed duration to make a statement.
  • News Scrolls:  When it's necessary to spread the word right now.
    Let BellaGraphic's  build your website right!
  • Login Access: Local editing capabilities for simple changes and modifications without needing to know html, php, and other wedsite design mechanics. 
  • Web Search Functionality: Search a home site through keyword search plugins.
  • Optimization: Increase website traffic through search engine optimization.
  • Hits Counter: Keep track of traffic coming to your site.